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Shilo Goldens kennel is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of southeast Ohio. We are located in the middle of a 275 acre farm at the end of a mile long deadend road with lots of woodlands, creeks, swamps, pastures and ponds. The dogs enjoy the country life and so do I!

Swimming, hiking, and hunting are common activities here on the farm. A hike in the woods means we go by a swamp and the dogs usually take a dip as we pass by. Afterwards, we head for the pond in the yard for a swim to get the swamp water off and do a little water retrieving.

The dogs have full run of two yards and a heated/air conditioned building they can go in or out of at will. The yard is attached to the house. Puppies are raised inside. The dogs are all kept together here as we do not have kennel runs. I believe dogs are very social animals and enjoy time with the other dogs as well as people.
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