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Shilo Golden puppies are given full access to their mother until they leave (or should I say their mother has full access to them!) The mother dog is able to get into the puppy area whenever she wants and tends to feed them milk up until they leave. Depending on the size of the litter and how quickly the pups are growing, I begin to feed them raw natural foods at some point after 4 weeks of age. If possible, I like to wait until 5 or 6 weeks but in large litters, mom usually needs some help sooner!

Pups are fed raw meats and vegetables adding something new each day. They usually leave here eating three meals a day, two of which are raw chicken necks and the other a mixture of foods.

 My adult dogs typically eat raw chicken (with the bones) daily and deer meat seasonally. They also get other foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Grains and starches are seldom fed. I am convinced this is a wonderful diet for my dogs.

You can research this diet on the internet by search BARF diet for dogs or raw food for dogs.

My dogs also get Nupro in their food and NuVet vitamins daily.
What Shilo Goldens are Fed
I guess the "natural" of nature seemed very comfortable to me because after a lot of reearch, I have not fed commercial dog food to my dogs for well over a decade, preferring the "BARF" diet (sometimes referred to as Bones And Raw Food diet) that dogs evolved on. I cannot testify to the benefits with scientific studies but from what I've seen and learned from others, I do believe the BARF diet (also known as the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods diet) is better over all for our dogs. The health and vigor of my dogs and the lack of common age related issues like arthritis seem to support this as well.
For more information on NuVet please click on this link.
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