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Goldens are a wonderful breed and won my heart many years ago. My passion is learning about the breed, health issues, showing good dogs, and how to breed healthier, longer lived, and more "correct" Goldens via research and what others before me have learned over time.

At Shilo Goldens, we strive to produce the best Goldens we can. While I breed dogs in hopes of producing dogs with good conformation, that is not the most important aspect at Shilo Goldens. Temperament is my top priority and I strive to breed only Goldens that will make wonderful house dogs and that are friendly toward all people and other dogs. I also focus on doing all I can to produce physically and mentally sound dogs.
Health is the second most important aspect in my breeding choices and I strive to produce dogs that have longevity and health in their pedigrees, if possible. Only Goldens with hip, elbow, heart, and eye screenings are used in our breeding program. Not to be forgotten, the Golden is a retriever, and that aspect, as well as trainability and a willingness to please are important qualities that all Goldens should have to be what the breed was meant to be.

Pictured is Champagne, my first show dog and the foundation of all Shilo Goldens. She was very special and the start of it all for me.
Breeding Philosophies and Goals