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CH Shilo's C Y I'm Nu Mero Uno, BISS
Verity finished her championship in February 2012! Shown as a youngster, she was awarded a Best in Sweeps and a point, then she stayed home for awhile to mature. When I brought her back out, she won a 4 point specialty major in Columbus OH April 23, 2011! She was shown twice more in May, taking a specialty RWB at White River and 2 points in Marietta, which was one shy of a major, then one more time in June for the Pittsburgh specialty weekend (taking another major reserve) before blowing her coat and staying home until the winter. Then she was shown one weekend in December, two weekends in January, and one weekend in February to pick up 8 more points, including a 4 pt major and major reserve, to finish her championship! I am please to also share that Verity both her specialty major and specialty major reserve were under breeder judges. She also has two champion littermates, one finished entirely by a 12 year old (except for first point by her mother) and another who was shown her first time the weekend she turned 4 and won every weekend until she finished in short order, also under a breeder judge!

Verity is out of Why sired by Zoom.
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